Welcome to St. James Town Community Cafe

We are a social enterprise engaged in building community and providing healthy, delicious, food in St. James Town. In addition to hosting café events that are open and accessible to all, we hold workshops, training events, film screenings, and more. Check out our Events Calendar for details.



Build inclusive community through sharing healthy, affordable food and meaningful engagement.


  • Universal human rights, in particular the right to adequate, healthy food for everyone
  • Environmental sustainability for Seven Generations and beyond
  • Respect for the global and the local
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Respect for the power of human connection
  • Wholistic understanding of mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Accepting and nonjudgmental relationships, equity, inclusion, accessibility, diversity, anti-oppression,
  • Engagement, dialogue, compassion, deep listening, understanding, working across differences, fun
  • Dignity, respect, participation, empowerment, assets-based community development, informed and genuine democracy
  • Commitment to education and learning


The Community Café is a place where:

...people from diverse economic, social, cultural, and experiential backgrounds can establish meaningful relationships and feel a sense of belonging,

and where all people can:

... enjoy affordable, healthy food that is locally produced and/or fairly traded
... learn about, dialogue and work together on issues affecting the community and wider society
... enjoy local arts, culture and recreational activities
... enjoy children's activities and a child friendly space
... alternative forms of payment and participation are accepted, as part of a fully inclusive and welcoming community (e.g., time credits/sweat equity, pay what you can)
... share their talents, skills, knowledge, and resources with one another (e.g., community time credit exchange system, potlatch /really free markets)
... participate in opportunities to produce their own food (e.g., community garden, canning workshops, bulk organic food co-op/buying club, shared kitchen space)
... learn about food, environment and social justice issues and connect with other communities and access outside resources (e.g. First Nations, inter-cultural/faith/generational events, film nights, book clubs, speaker series, open university classes)

The Community Cafe is also a place where organizations and groups can:

...can hold meetings and events at low to no cost
...offer various programmes and services such as bulk food-buying/good food box drop-off, multicultural youth events, women's gatherings and regular drop-ins, social activities for seniors, social enterprise/community economic development projects, capacity/skills building workshops and initiatives etc.
...network and build synergy with one another


The business structure of the Community Café is:

  • Horizontal / Comparatively non-hierarchical
  • Owned and operated by people who reflect the diversity of the community
  • Consensus-based and democratic
  • Engaged in on-going process of self evaluation and improvement
  • Supported by strong partnerships with other organizations


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